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Tremendous Opportunity

Our 1st Core Opportunity
$300K Private Cash
Leveraging System (PCLS)

Huge Cash Potential

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Our $300K PCLS in which you will be automatically placed upon cycling the above 2X2 Booster Matrix composes 9 2X3 Team Matrices in which member cycling is never required to earn. The PCLS is truly an amazing and unique income system. Don't worry, our R2PCLS is designed to automatically place your Four or more R2PCLS Sales onto your PCLS Team as they each complete their 4 FREE or $40 Sales and cycle the Booster Matrix! They'll be following you into your PCLS Team Matrix as well as into your other FIVE Core Income Opportunities. All you need to do now is GET STARTED FREE or with your $40 one-time 80K Email Ad Send Purchase


Our R2PCLS consists of two sets of cash leveraging Matrices, a Silver and a Gold Matrix Set. Each Matrix Set contains FOUR 2X2 Team forced-filled matrices, meaning that once any Member of your 2X2 has TWO Members directly below them, any more Free Referral or $40 Product Sales produced by that Member will be placed into any open position within the Matrix to fill it with SIX Members beneath you. These over flow Sales may be be placed to begin new 2X2 Matrices or placed into the next Stage Matrix depending upon how many were produced at any given time. All Sales will follow their Producer into each R2PCLS Stage and into each of our FIVE Core Income Opportunities.

Each Stage is designed with the potential to progressively, automatically and simultaneously grow your cash rewards to Up to $3 MILLION in Multiple Income Streams as you advance from Stage-1 through Stage-5 and your income grows in each of our core opportunities with ZERO $ OUT OF YOUR POCKET using our Free Debit Card Option! Why not Get STARTED TODAY FREE using our Debit Card FREE Option or for a ONE-TIME Product Purchase of ONLY $40! Now How Cool Is That?


All Sales become either R2PCLS Participating or Non-Participating Feeder Matrix Members. Participating Members are those who want to participate in our potential $5.5 MILLION Feeder Matrix Income System. Non-Participating Members choose not to participate in our potential income $5.5 Million system.

In addition to the $20 Cash Reward paid by the Card Vendor, Non-Participating Feeder Matrix Members will also receive a $10 Cash Reward from R2PCLS Admin for signing up for their Card on our Debit Card Vendor's Affiliate web page and loading their card with $40.

As you will soon see, our R2PCLS Participating Feeder Matrix Affiliates stand to earn a WHOLE LOT MORE FOR FREE or for a SMALL $40 ONE-TIME PRODUCT PURCHASE than our Non-Participating Feeder Matrix Affiliates!

Everyone coming aboard R2PCLS as Non-Participating or as Participating Feeder Matrix Members ARE REQUIRED to sign up for their FREE Debit Card on our R2PCLS Admin's Card Vendor Affiliate web page.

When signing up for your R2PCLS Free Account on your Producer's R2PCLS web page please enter "Yes or No" to indicate your choice to come in as a Non-Participating or a Participating Feeder Matrix Member. Check that your Sponsor's name is shown on the form. If you know you have a Sponsor but their name is not shown, send Admin an email with your name and your Sponsor's name. Don't join until we send you your Sponsor's web page to sign up on.

Each R2PCLS Member who has elected to participate in the Feeder for FREE or by purchasing their 2-Month email Ad Send for a one-time $40 is placed into our Silver Stage-1 2X2 BONUS Matrix. We call it our BONUS MATRIX because when you cycle this matrix you will be placed Free into our Members Bonus Matrix with potential cash deposits of up to $2 MILLION into your Cash Account! We don't believe you will want to miss being placed into this Multi-Million$ Profit-Sharing Matrix.

Even with our $40 Product Purchase Option, your entrance into our Cash Leveraging System is virtually FREE since we use the $40 commission we receive to place you into the $40 BONUS MATRIX to get your potential $5.5 MILLION MULTIPLE INCOME STREAM started.

Once in the BONUS Matrix and ONLY SIX SALES are produced by you, your Matrix Team Members, by Admin placement or as the Team we are; they will be placed below you and you will cycle out of Stage-1 BONUS Matrix. You'll then be PLACED FREE into our $2 Million Profit-Sharing Members Bonus Matrix, then potentially into our Stage-2 $100 Booster Matrix and from there on into your $300K PCLS Core Income Opportunity #1!

Your Referral Sales will follow you into each successive Matrix as well as into each of the remaining Core Opportunities potentially building your CUSTOMER BASE and YOUR INCOME within these opportunities. As you cycle each R2PCLS Matrix your R2PCLS cash rewards, entry fees into these FIVE Core Opportunities and of course YOUR INCOME from these Core Opportunities are projected to be generated simultaneously and automatically as Sales continue to be produced.

Your potential R2PCLS Feeder Cycle Rewards totaling $290K gives you a 7th income stream because our CTFO Core Opportunity actually offers TWO income streams. We are sure that our FIVE Core Opportunities are among those that many income seekers would like to join but perhaps they can't afford the entry fees, have difficulty making sales or they don't want to risk loosing their hard earned money should the opportunity not work for them for whatever reason.

This is where our FREE Debit Card Entry Option comes to your aid. Our FREE Prepaid Debit Card Entry Option removes all of the risks of you losing any money.

Even with our very affordable $40 Product Purchase Option, your entrance into our R2PCLS remains virtually FREE since we use the $40 to place you into the $40 BONUS MATRIX PLUS you get an 80K email blast of your AD! As far as experiencing difficulty in making sales, how difficult can giving away 4 Free Debit Cards with $20 Cash really be?

Everyone 18 years or older can now begin to potentially build for themselves SEVEN hefty income streams TOTALING AS MUCH AS $5.5 MILLION WITH ZERO DOLLARS OUT-OF-THEIR-POCKET using our FREE Prepaid Debit Card Offer. As stated above you can also get started with our Low One-Time $40 Product Purchase!

DO NOT JOIN CORE OPPORTUNITIES #2 thru #6 SHOWN BELOW AS A PAID NOR AS A FREE MEMBER until you are notified by R2PCLS Admin. Doing so will void your R2PCLS FREE Entries into these opportunities and cause you to potentially loose a whole lot of LOOT.

If you are already a member of any of our Core Opportunities, check their FAQ section to see if you can get another account or one for household member using a different username and email address.

#1 Income Stream - Free Debit Card Entry or Make a one-time $40 Product Purchase. You'll be placed into the BONUS Matrix and on your way to a potential $2 Million in our Member Profit-Sharing Matrix and up to $290K from the R2PCLS Feeder Gold Matrix Set of Four 2X2 Matrices alone!

#2 Income Stream - Free Placement into our $300K PCLS (Private Cash Leveraging System) potentially earning you $300K REPEATING PAYOUTS
. A $140 Value.

#3 Income Stream - Free 2-Month Placement into CTFO with 1-Month Free placement into it's 3X7 TWO Income Streams. The CTFO Product Matrix and their CTFO 75 Clicks Matrix designed to kick up your monthly earnings as high as $42K MONTHLY as your CTFO Matrices fill automatically by your Team efforts within our Feeder System! A $380 Value.

These 150 (75x2) Ad Clicks could easily produce you at least THREE or MORE CTFO Signups. These THREE or MORE will also get the 150 CTFO Clicks, potentially at least THREE Signups, their THREE gets the same and so on for these THREE, etc. to fill both your CTFO 3X7 Product and Clicks Matrices. Your FOUR OR MORE R2PCLS FREE OR $40 PRODUCT SALES will also be placed FREE into your CTFO Matrix when they cycle our Silver Stage-2 Booster Matrix.

#4 Income Stream - Free Placement at Levels 1,2 and 3 into the popular 4CornersAllianceGroup (4CAG) potentially earning you OVER $60K at Level-5 of this awesome 4X6 Matrix AND with MATCHING BONUSES! A $53 Value. DO NOT JOIN 4CAG FROM THE ABOVE LINK OR YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR FREE PLACEMENT AND POTENTIALLY A WHOLE LOT OF R2PCLS LOOT!

#5 Income Stream - Free Placement into LeasedAdSpace (LAS) with all SEVEN LEVELS PAID. A $399 Value! Equally or more important as your LAS potential $193K Cash Earnings at Level-4 of this lucrative 8X7 Matrix is the MASSIVE TRAFFIC which LAS serves up. You will own all the TRAFFIC offered by LAS FREE since it's included with your SEVEN LEVELS PAID BY R2PCLS! With this volume of TRAFFIC your R2PCLS Team as well as your income within all of your Core Opportunities should thrive. You won't miss a single LAS sale due to roll ups because you'll be QUALIFIED AT ALL SEVEN LEVELS!

#6 Income Stream - Free Placement into our 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle
wealth opportunity, potentially earning you from $3.5K to $50K MONTHLY. You'll be positioned to move up to projected higher earning levels using some of your profits and avoid losing sales to roll-ups. We'll all be on Coach Jerry's Team. A $3795 Value!

Everyone need only to GIVE AWAY 1 FREE Visa Prepaid Debit Card to 4 individuals who loads their card with $40 ASAP for their own personal use OR produce just 4 R2PCLS $40 Product Sales.

Although R2PCSL utilizes 2X2 Feeder Matrices, one of our Core Opportunities uses a 4X6 Matrix to grow potential incomes up to $560K. Your producing 4 R2PCLS Free or $40 Sales or any combination of these will fill the 1ST LEVEL of all of your Core Opportunities and potentially produce EVEN MORE REFERRAL CYCLE CASH REWARDS FOR YOU

It's just that simple folks to to get your potential $80K, $256K, $300K (REPEATING), $42K Monthly, $60K, $200K and $25K income streams started. Generous Referral Cycle Bonuses are also in place. With our GET STARTED FREE OPTION or our LOW $40 Entry Product Purchase Option to a potential $5.5 MILLION, many will PIF $160 for their FOUR WHO CAN ALSO DO THE SAME.

Visa Prepaid

STEP 1. To use our Get Started FREE Option simply sign up for your FREE Prepaid Debit Card ONLY on R2PCLS Admin Debit Card Vendor's Affiliate web page. Make sure my Referral Code 6734250820 is shown on the form.

STEP 2. When you receive your card activate it right away. If activating by phone, be sure to confirm to the agent that you were referred by Solomon Price and that my Referral Code No. is 6734250820.

STEP 3. ASAP load your card with $40
. Within 2-48 hours after loading your card with at least $40 and if you have not performed any transactions using the Vendor's Card within the past 180-days of making your $40 load, Card Vendor will add $20 to your card and $20 to R2P Admin's card! If you are in agreement, I will use my FREE $20 along with Your FREE $20 to place you FREE into our Silver Stage-1 $40 2X2 BONUS Matrix making your R2PCLS ENTRY FREE!

STEP 4. Send me your FREE $20 received from the Card Vendor using the PayPal or preferably Payza link below. Upon receiving it I will place you into Stage-1 $40 2X2 BONUS Matrix and commence to send out your email Ad Blast if you did not accept our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

STEP 5. Be sure to register as a Free Rewards-2-Prosperity Member ON THE WEBSITE OF THE PERSON WHO INVITED YOU if you have not completed this step. Congratulations! You are now ready to begin experiencing one of the greatest online earning potentials ever created.


REMEMBER EVERYONE signs up for their Free Debit Card ONLY on R2PCLS Admin's Affiliate Web Page of our Debit Card Vendor. You are on the correct page if Referral Code 6734250820 is shown. If not, email Admin for the correct page.

When your R2PCLS Stage-1 2X2 BONUS Matrix is filled by Admin's marketing, your marketing, spill over or by the marketing of one of your Matrix Members with JUST SIX NEW MEMBERS who used this Debit Card FREE Option or the $40 One-Time Purchase Option, you will cycle. You will then be placed FREE into our $300K 2X3 Prosperity Cash Leveraging System (PCLS) Matrix, a $140 Value!

Your Stage-1 BONUS Matrix Members will follow you into the Stage-2 Booster. This Follow-Your-Producer feature continues through each of the R2PCLS Matrix Stages as well as into our Core Opportunities.

You will be well on your way to cycling the remaining TWO R2PCLS Silver Stage Matrices and building your potential multiple income streams totalling as much as $5.5 Million as others realize the true income potential of R2PCLS and come aboard!

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YOU and your PCLS Team repeating a few simple steps ONLY FOUR TIMES has the potential to bank YOU $1.3 MILLION with virtually ZERO $ out of your pocket! Our PCLS is a private community (no offense intended, but we only desire members of integrity and who will follow our strict protocols) of like minded individuals and participation is by private invitation only. To get more information about the PCLS Call 641-715-3579 and enter Access Code 235836# to listen to our live recorded overview of this potential life changing opportunity. You may also call, text or email me to accept your PCLS Invitation and I will send you complete details along with our weekly telephone conference schedule.

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